So much to see, hear and play on your next walk to school

We know that your kids may already have their eyes peeled for a swooping magpie, but what else can they see on their walk to school? Colourful fences, native trees, animals, bikes or a new building are all great things to check out.

Walking, riding, skating or scooting to and from school is a great way for kids to get their bodies moving and feel great. There are heaps of easy ways to help kids have even more fun to really take your trips to the next level.


Checkout our new worksheet!

Download or print our Play on your Way worksheet, which is available here.

This worksheet is all about capturing what you see, hear and find on your walk to school. Kids of all ages can use this worksheet to catch colourful things in their path and start new conversations about what they see in your neighbourhood.

Your family will have a blast each time you step outside and take in so much more of your neighbourhood as you go.


Open their eyes and ears to a better understanding of their neighbourhood

We know that many families use their walk to school to help grow their kids’ confidence. Encouraging kids to take in all the aspects on a walk and listening for different sounds can also help build their knowledge of their neighbourhood.

By using this worksheet, your family could be more connected to your local surroundings and help your kids be more aware of what’s around them.


Use this worksheet beyond your own neighbourhood

Don’t stop in your own neighbourhood! This worksheet is great for any walk you take. Imagine all the fun things you will see and hear and it is a great way to turn any trip into an adventure.

Whether it is exploring a different area of Victoria, visiting a beach or a nature park, use this worksheet to have even more fun while your family are getting active.

For more ideas check out our other worksheets here.

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