Welcome to Walk to School 2020!

Walk to School is back in 2020! We know it’s been a challenging and unpredictable year for Victorian families and are so excited to see kids returning to school in Term 4. We want to help schools and families keep physical activity on their return to school checklist and either help bring back or create new healthy habits, so kids stay connected and active.

It’s essential with kids returning to on-site learning that we all follow government health advice. Walk to School can be a great way for families living in areas that are under restrictions to maintain a routine, keep active and feel connected to your community and your neighbourhood. Just remember to follow local requirements for wearing masks, wash your hands well and often and maintain at least 1.5m from other people.

How is walking, riding, scooting or skating to school important for your family?

Walking, riding, scooting or skating to school is a fun and simple way for kids and parents to stay active and healthy while getting their recommended hour of exercise per day. Whether it’s getting active on the entire journey to school, or maybe parking a few blocks away and walking the rest, there are heaps of ways you can get involved that suit your family.

Walk to School is more than just a way to get your family moving. By walking, riding, scooting or skating in your community you can help your kids build independence and confidence, understand road rules, learn more about their community, and connect with your neighbourhood.

Being active every day is also good for kids’ mental wellbeing and can help lift their mood and self-esteem. 

What’s new for Walk to School 2020?

To help make it easier for schools and families, here are some helpful tips to start being active on your trip to and from school in Term 4.


1. Download our new Walk to School worksheets!

Walk to School has developed some fun new worksheets to help kids get active in their journey to and from school! Download them today.

  • Adventure Trail – Get  adventurous on your walk to school by mapping out a trail that takes in your local neighbourhood landmarks!

  • Play on Your Way – Activate your senses with this family-friendly worksheet that makes getting to school a game. A fun way to take in the sights and sounds of your neighbourhood. 

  • Strava Challenge – Using the Strava app your family can map and track your activity, follow your friends’ activity and maybe even throw out a challenge to them! We also have some technology-free challenges for those not interested in downloading the app.


2. Try different routes to get to and from school

Using different streets and roads to get to school is a great way to teach kids about navigating the local area and how to pick out different landmarks. It’s also an opportunity for kids to remember where the big roads are and where pedestrian crossings and traffic lights are so they can cross roads safely.

3. Be prepared for the weather

The weather can be unpredictable at times, so it’s important to be prepared! Encourage kids to carry a small umbrella or lightweight raincoat in their school backpack so they can stay dry from the elements. Similarly, if the sun is out, make sure kids are wearing hats

4. Keep informed and follow the coronavirus restrictions in your area

Different parts of Victoria are currently under varying levels of coronavirus restrictions, so it’s important to know which ones apply to you. Get the latest information from the DHHS website.

Happy walking, riding, scooting and skating!

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