We’re sharing tips to get kids active before, during and after school!

Any information mentioned is accurate at the time this article was originally published on 4 November 2021.

Finding the motivation to do activities that break up your day can be hard especially when we we’re busy. But once you start and begin to feel the benefits, you’ll find it easier to gain momentum. 

When you walk, ride, scoot or skate with your kids to school, not only are you building those healthy habits but:

  1. You’re making the streets safer
    Walking, riding, skating or scooting on school days helps to get cars off the road. When there’s less traffic in the streets around our schools, it’s safer for our kids.
  2. You’re reducing congestion
    Replacing the everyday school commute (or even part of the way!) with a walk, ride, scoot or skate eases the traffic congestion through local neighbourhoods and saves you the stress of a slow crawl to the school gate.

If you’re looking to pick up active travel in Term 4, here are some easy steps to get you going!

Three healthy habits to get your family out and about and feeling good!

  1. Kickstart a new morning routine
    Building activity into your family’s morning routine gets the day off to a good start for everyone. It could be a couple of laps of the local oval, or half an hour playing fetch with the dog at the park. Or it could be about getting dressed and ready a little earlier than usual so kids can walk, ride, scoot or skate to school.
  2. Rethink the school pick-up
    Instead of joining the crowds at the school gate, organise to meet your kids halfway between school and home, along a route you know is safe and familiar, and let them walk, ride scoot or skate the first part of the journey on their own or with friends. It will be a boost for their self-esteem – and good practice for when they’re ready to do the whole trip by themselves!
  3. Challenge the after-dinner drift
    Instead of having everyone wander off to their screens after dinner, could your family take advantage of daylight savings and enjoy a new evening tradition of a walk, ride, scoot or skate? You’ll get more physical activity in your day, but you’ll also have time to talk with each other, and maybe even connect with friends and neighbours. You might find you start sleeping better too!

Even small changes to your family routine before or after school can go a long way to building healthy habits for life!

For example: we know that for some families you will need to jump in the car to travel to school, but why not try parking a few blocks away each day and add some movement to your journey. You can park in different streets and help your whole family get to know your community better.

If you find another simple swap or top tip, share it with your friends and let’s get the conversation going on ways to be active with your family.

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