Adventure awaits on your way to school!


With warmer weather, easing restrictions and the start of Term 4, now is the perfect time to get more active with your family and why not start with your journey to school!

To help inspire families, Walk to School has created new easy-to-use worksheets to help kids get excited about walking and learning about their local neighbourhood. Interested and want to know more? Then let’s take a closer look at ‘Map you own Adventure Trails’ worksheet.

Let’s get started!

Download or print our Adventure Trails worksheet, which is available here.

Your family can create your own ‘Adventure Trail’. You can create as many as you like – you could have one for every day of the week!


Make a list of places you want to go to or missed out visiting this year

Once you have the worksheet, the next step is to decide on which places you want to go to in your area and work out where they are (Google Maps is a helpful tool for this!).

There is no limit to how many adventures you take with your family, so you can cross off different places as you go or you can try and organise your adventure trails with different themes. One trail might focus on nature spots in your area like parks, rivers or creeks. Another could focus on popular streets in the area, or even historical sites. The possibilities are endless!


Get active and get walking!

Once you have your trail planned out, it’s time to start walking! When walking, riding, scooting or skating, here are some helpful things to remember: 

  • Dress for the weather – make sure you carry clothes which will protect you from rain or sun.

  • If a parent or guardian isn’t travelling with you, make sure they know where you’re going and you have a way to contact them if needed.

  • Make sure you know which coronavirus restrictions currently apply to you. Get the latest information from the DHHS website.


Finish the trail on the worksheet

Once you’ve been on your Adventure Trail, the last step is to finish off the worksheet. Remember to write down the day, date and time you went, who came with you (family, friends, etc.) and also how far you travelled if you didn’t work that out beforehand. Some people prefer to measure how far they travel as they go, rather than trying to work it out prior!

There’s no limit to the number of adventure trails you can put together. If you run out of ideas, check out some of these famous Victorian walks which might be in your area, or swap your adventure trails with your friends.

Just remember to follow local requirements for travel and wearing masks, wash your hands well and often and maintain at least 1.5m from other people.

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