We’ve made it easier for teachers to encourage kids and families across the state to take part in Walk to School with our Teachers Booklet.

With lesson plans and activities tailored for different year levels, teachers can teach their students about how to increase their daily physical activity levels and build healthy habits for life.

Classrooms are the perfect place to talk to kids about how they can walk, ride or scoot to school. We understand not every student can walk all the way to school, so remember, part way is okay, or kids can walk with friends around the school ground before school starts.

In addition to the teacher’s booklet we have a range of great resources available for teachers to bring Walk to School into their classroom and support kids to get their 60 minutes of physical activity every day including:

  • Classroom calendars - every year students love marking on the classroom calendar who has walked, rode or scooted to and from school each day.The classroom calendars are always a student favourite and a great way for measuring who has the most active class!
  • Walk to School badges – new to the Walk to School website are badge designs teachers can print off and make into simple badges as a reward for kids who walk, ride and scoot to and from school. Encourage some kids to become ‘champions’ so they can help their classmates get involved.
  • Stickers – what kid doesn’t love a sticker, and we have Walk to School favourites that can be given to students as incentives and prizes.
  • Certificates – at the end of the program, teachers can print a Walk to School certificate to give to students who took part in the program. You can display them in the classroom or encourage them to show their families.


For a full list of fun and informative resources visit the Resources page.

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