We’re sharing tips to get kids active before, during and after school! 

Any information mentioned is accurate at the time this article was originally published 3 December 2021.  

Finding the fun in physical activity makes it easier for kids to stick with those healthy habits for life. So, if you're looking for something fun and easy to help your family move, try our Walk to School activities: 

  1. Keep younger kids entertained with Play On Your Way worksheet here
    • Walking, riding, scooting or skating is just the start of the fun for little kids! This worksheet has a game for looking, a game for counting, a game for listening, and a game for spotting different colours along the way.
    • Top tip: This activity is a great way to also build your kids’ confidence, you can look out for houses and landmarks in your neighbourhood so they can orientate themselves and practice what to look for when crossing the road. 
  2. Let older kids discover more with our Map Your Own Adventure Trails worksheet here
    • This worksheet is for older kids who are ready to explore their neighbourhood! Use our worksheet to help them map out a route and calculate the distance travelled using Google Maps.
    • Top tip: Connect this activity with either schoolwork they’re currently learning about or get inspired as a family with places that mean a lot to you. Maybe it is somewhere you’ve been on holiday to, where your family grew up, or a dream holiday you’re working towards. 
  3. Inspire lovers of tech gadgets and competition with our Family Strava Challenges worksheet here  
    • A bit of friendly competition can turn an everyday routine into a high-stakes championship! Simply download the free Strava app [], then help kids record their daily activity, upload images from their travels, and challenge friends to go faster or further!
    • Top tip: You don’t need Strava to do this activity, most smart phones will track your steps, or try to map your journey on a computer and track your distances in a notebook. We know kids love to be able to draw and check off their work so make this activity work for your family. 

Come up with your own ideas for games to play or follow the suggestions in our worksheets—whatever works for you!  

It’s all about helping kids get active to boost their mood and self-esteem. 

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