Road Safety Tips for Walk to School 

Make sure your kids walk, ride and scoot to school in a fun and safe way with these handy tips!

With this year’s Walk to School program well underway, we’ve put together these helpful tips which will make your kids journey to and from school safe and fun.

Participating in the program gives parents and carers a great opportunity to teach kids about road safety and stranger danger. It’s also a fantastic way to build their confidence when it comes to walking by themselves. 

Keep a look out before stepping out! Stop, look, listen, cross. 

When you want to cross a road, make sure to find a zebra crossing and: Stop, look, listen and cross. 

STOP – stop on the footpath at the zebra crossing before making a move.

LOOK – scan your surroundings from left to right and make sure there are no cars around. If there is a car nearby, make sure to wait until it comes to a complete stop before crossing. 

LISTEN – make sure you listen out for any cars that may be approaching. Even if you cannot always see a car, you can be extra sure by listening for them. Don’t forget to take your earphones out whenever you are walking! 

CROSS – when you have made sure it is safe to do so, you can safely walk across the zebra lines to the other side of the road. 

Following these four steps can teach kids proper road safety and awareness. 

Two boys walking to school on a rainy day

 Stay on the path and you’ll have a blast! 

To ensure their journey is as safe as can be, make sure your kids are walking on designated sidewalks. This avoids things like rocks or sticks that may be on the ground, and ensures they are walking on safely planned routes.

For the kids who are riding or scooting to school: 

Always wear a helmet 

Keep that noggin safe by protecting yourself with a helmet! If you are riding a bike or taking a scooter to and from school, it is important to wear a helmet in case of any trips or falls.  

Walk to School is a great way to teach kids that physical activity is great fun! By walking, riding and scooting to school kids can build healthy habits for life and win awesome prizes along the way. 

This year, Walk to School has partnered with AFL Partners Association to bring the most enthusiastic kids great prizes like footy jumpers and footballs. The schools with the most walks will win a footy clinic with an AFL or AFLW legend. 
To be in the running to win competitions and some awesome prizes, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram on @walktoschool. 

Make sure to tag all your pics with #walktoschool and mention us so we can see and share your photos! 

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