Everything you need to know for Walk to School in your language


Victoria is proudly diverse and our multicultural communities are our key strength. We want all Victorians – regardless of their cultural background, gender or ability to be healthy and active.

To ensure more multicultural communities can take part in Walk to School 2018, we’ve created fact sheets in different languages because getting active is more fun when we all do it together!

VicHealth’s Walk to School program is a free, easy and fun way to get primary school kids and their families active this October.

With school communities made up of diverse cultures and languages, we want to make sure more families get the information they need to take part in Walk to School.

We know that language barriers can make participating in programs like Walk to School confusing for kids and parents or carers who don’t speak English at home.

We’ve made it easier by preparing fact sheets in six different languages, which you can download below:

These fact sheets contain a heap of information about the program, including how to register and get involved, the amazing prizes, and a range of resources.

They have everything families or carers need to know so that more Victorians can get involved!

Download a fact sheet and join the hundreds of schools across Victoria in this year’s Walk to School program.

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