Active schools make for active learners

Join hundreds of schools across Victoria in this year’s Walk to School. You can order a suite of free materials including posters, classroom calendars and much more. Join in Walk to School and help your school build healthy habits for life.

Walk, ride or scoot this October!

Walk to School month runs from 7 October 2019 to 1 November 2019.

Get ready, get set for Walk to School!

This year, VicHealth has funded 71 enthusiastic councils to provide local Walk to School activities in your community. 


Win fabulous prizes for your school

Did you know that you can win prizes just for walking, riding or scooting to and from school?  


Have a question about Walk to School? Before contacting us, have a look at some of our most frequently asked questions and answers.

Last year I could register my school online. Why can’t I now?

VicHealth is no longer collecting data from the Walk to School program. Schools should use classroom calendars to track their students’ progress throughout Walk to School month, but schools will not be required to log any data on the Walk to School website.

Why do schools use classroom calendars?

The calendars are a bright, fun way to record how many times students walk, ride or scoot to and from school in October. Evidence shows that class based activities, such as counting the number of children who actively travel to school, help collectively reinforce the desired behaviour to walk to school. Schools can also use the calendars to reward students or celebrate the most active class at school assembly.

What if a parent or carer refuses to participate?

Participation is entirely voluntary. If a parent or carer does not want their child’s participation recorded on a classroom calendar, please don’t include the student’s details on the calendar.

What do I need to tell parents and carers?

Everything parents and carers need to know can be found on the ‘Parent and carer fact sheet’. You can order or download and print the fact sheet from the Walk to School website. Simply hand them out to your schools to provide to their parents and carers.

I’m a school that wants to get involved within a non-funded council. What do I do?

You don’t need to register for Walk to School in 2019. Schools can order Walk to School materials, including classroom calendars, signs and stickers and directly from the Resources section of the Walk to School website.

We always get students to track their walks – why don’t you need this anymore?

In order to make it as easy as possible for parents and schools, VicHealth is no longer collecting data from the Walk to School program. Our evidence shows that the program has a positive impact on parent’s perception of walking, riding or scooting to school as a way to improve their kids’ health. We know that the classroom calendars can assist in encouraging active travel, so still strongly encourage you to fill them in. These will still be available to track your students’ progress throughout Walk to School month

October is magpie season and it’s dangerous to encourage kids to Walk to School.

From our discussions with schools across the state, the best timeframe for Walk to School is early in Term 4 and October has been nominated as the best month to participate.  We understand this is unfortunately also magpie swooping season in some areas. If a regular walking route is not an option we still encourage students to get involved in alternative ways. This could include laps around the school oval or around the inside of the school hall in the morning or at lunch time, and parking in a safer area perhaps where there are no magpies present and walking using this alternative route.