Walk to School in style and deck out your shoes, bikes or scooters

We’re combining creativity with physical activity by encouraging kids to decorate their shoes, bikes or scooters to make Walk to School even more fun!

There will be some awesome prizes on offer for kids with the most creative shoe designs so read on for more info about how your family can put their best foot forward.


How to get involved

Getting involved in Walk to School extends beyond adding paint or pipe cleaners to shoes, bikes or scooters. It’s about combining physical activity with creativity to teach kids that getting active can be fun and to help them build healthy habits for life.

There two ways that kids can get involved:

  1. through your participating school
  2. as an individual student

Can’t commit to any permanent shoe decorations? Don’t worry we have some great ideas that can be easily removed. 

Participating schools

All registered schools will have access to classroom resources to help teachers get their classes involved. Each school may choose to do this differently so please check with your school first.

Teachers that want to incorporate shoe, bike and scooter decorating as part of their Walk to School program can log into their schools portal and download the teacher booklet, which includes more information, sample lesson plans and design templates.

Individual students

Even if your school isn’t registered for Walk to School, kids can still participate. 

Use this opportunity to get creative and be more active with your kids. You can help them to decorate their shoes, bikes or scooters for the journey to and from school by using our templates. If your school has a uniform policy you can still get involved. We have lots of ideas for shoe decorations that can be easily removed at the school gates. 

Prizes for the best design!

By sharing your kids’ designs (videos or photos) on the Walk to School Facebook page throughout October and tagging @WalktoSchool with the hashtag #walktoschool, they could win some great prizes.

Stay tuned – we will be announcing these prizes very soon!