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The Walk to School program promotes regular physical activity in Victorian primary school students. It helps kids and their families establish active routines for life. It also supports primary schools, local councils and communities to make active travel easy, safe and accessible. Due to the ongoing impact of coronavirus, VicHealth is re-evaluating how to deliver the next Walk to School program.


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How is the coronavirus affecting Walk to School in 2020?

VicHealth is currently re-evaluating how to deliver the next Walk to School program. As we begin to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, we’re all trying to find the ‘new normal’, so it’s the perfect time to re-think the way we run our lives. Walking, riding or scooting to school can help everyone – it’s great for our health, the environment and our community. We’re all in this together – walkingriding or scooting to school helps us reduce traffic on our roads and ease traffic on our roads and reduce numbers on public transport.

What’s so good about Walk to School?

Kids are healthier and happier when they’re active every day.  Walking kids to school is a great opportunity to get them active and build their confidence and life skills.  It’s also a chance for everyone to spend some quality family time together.

What’s so good about active travel options?

National guidelines recommend kids need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day, and walking, riding and scooting are ways to help them get there. It’s also a great way to connect with family members and your community. Active travel options to and from school provide more time for conversation and is less stressful than driving. Not to mention it helps the environment, reduces traffic congestion and demand for parking!

How can our family start walking?

There are lots of ways to get started, but the best option is always the one that suits your family. You can:

  • Walk to school with your child and enjoy the chance to talk and teach road safety skills
  • arrange for your child to walk to school with trusted family friends or neighbours
  • drive part of the way to school and then walk the rest
  • mix it up! If your child likes riding or scooting, those are great options, too!

Is walking to school risky?

Lots of parents would love for their kids to walk to school and know they’ll be safe.  We encourage parents and carers to walk with their child until they feel their child is ready to walk alone. Ultimately, you know your child best!

If more parents, family and friends walk with kids on their way to and from school, then kids will learn how to do it themselves, gain confidence and get the health benefits they need. 

Learn more about helping your kids to travel safely to and from school by downloading VicHealth’s practical guide

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AFL players

Official Community Partner - AFL Players

Walk to School is proudly supported by our Official Community Partner, AFL Players.

The AFL Players' Association the representative body for its male, female and past AFL player members. The AFLPA is an advocate for its members, and is passionate about instilling a sense of integrity and belonging, and showcasing its members as people first and athletes second. 

AFL Players will be supporting Walk to School with a range of exciting prizes and opportunities.